Step by step guide in developing Micro frontends using JavaScript router framework

Modern web apps are becoming more and more complex over time. It makes it challenging to release software quickly without sacrificing quality.

As a solution, Micro frontends came into the picture with the objective of building, testing, and deploying pieces of the frontend independently.

In this article, I will show…

Using Atomic Design principles with component libraries for modern web development

Atomic design helps developers think of UIs as a collection of components and allows them to break entire interfaces down into fundamental building blocks and build up more consistent UIs.

So, in this article, I will help you understand atomic design concepts and adapt them to modern-day development.

A quick intro to Atomic Design

Manage and test React apps in a visualized environment.

As developers, we barely write a program from scratch. In most cases, there are one or more development frameworks that are involved during the lifecycle due to the increasing demand for scalable applications with many features.

Since there are multiple frameworks, developers are working on creating revolutionary tools to improve…

Make Your Business Logic Independent From UI Components

Initially, the Business Logic Component (BLoC) pattern was introduced by Google as a solution to handle states in Flutter applications. It allows you to reduce the workload on UI components by separating the business logic from them.

Over time, other frameworks also started to support the BLoC pattern. And, in…

Charuka Herath

I am a full-stack software developer and a person who has a passion and loves writing and reading. Reach me at | SE @SyscoLabsSL

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